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Pablo Escobar’s Nephew Finds Over $18 Million In Apartment Wall



The ploys of the eternal drug lord Pablo Escobar to hide the large volume of money raised won another chapter. The trafficker’s nephew, Nicolás Escobar, revealed that he found one of his uncle’s hiding places, according to the BBC.

Nicolás lives in an apartment that belonged to his uncle and on one of the walls of the property, he found a secret opening and a quantity of money kept in a bag.

When counting the amount found, the nephew of the head of one of the trafficking cartels found that US $ 18 million, approximately R $ 100 million, was hidden in the apartment where he has lived for five years.


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“Every time I sat in the dining room and looked towards the garage, I saw an apparition coming in and then disappearing. The smell inside the hide was horrible. A hundred times worse than a decomposing body, ”he told local TV.

The nephew also found in the secret compartment a typewriter, satellite phones, a gold-plated pen, a camera and a film with photos.

Pablo Escobar was already linked to his nephew in another episode, Nicolás was kidnapped and tortured by rivals of his uncle who used the relatives of the drug lord to find his hiding place.

They kept me in captivity for seven hours. Two of my employees were attacked with a chainsaw,” he reported.

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