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5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets To Have In Your Home



Life has been made much easier by technology and this advancement does not exclude the kitchen which is most likely the best place where you can see that in your home.

Even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy cooking, it’s still nicer to spend time in stylish kitchens and it’s always easier if you have the tools to make the process as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Here are a few of them that you surely should have in your home for a smart cooking and an entire smart kitchen.

1. Automatic Pan Stirrer With Timer: This saves a lot of time for any cook who has to multi-task while making a dish that requires a lot of stirring.

2. Touchless Soap Dispenser: This kitchen gadget will help prevent the spread of germs in your kitchen. It just requires you just put your hand under the sensor and this handy gadget dispenses the soap for you.

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3. GeniCan Scanner: If you are that busy and forgetful person who always fail to restock finished groceries in your kitchen, then this appliance is just right to solve your problem. GeniCan attaches to your trash can and adds thrown out items to your shopping list. It has a voice control feature.

4. The Rollie Egg Cooker: The Rollie is an electric egg cooker that basically makes tube-shaped omelettes. Just beat your eggs, drop them in the Rollie, turn it on, and you’ll have perfectly shaped eggs.

5. Kitchen Snap ‘n’ Strain Strainer: The strainer cooking appliance helps to drain your pasta without stress. It’s only clipped to the side of your pot, eliminating the need for those bulky bowl strainers that never fit into the sink or your cabinet properly.

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